Football Game Day

All University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, staff and student commuter parking areas including reserved, non-reserved, and garages are sold to accommodate parking for Athletic Department donors and the general public for football game day. University of Nebraska-Lincoln parking permit holders may be restricted from their normal assigned parking areas during game day activities. The Parking and Transit Services Department shall post all university commuter parking areas closed for Friday evening beginning at 10 PM.

Accessible Parking - Map

Individuals requiring accessible parking on home football game day, and have a valid state accessible permit have several options available to accommodate their specific needs. There are 6 accessible public parking areas located in various parking facilities east of Memorial Stadium. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides accessible parking for $15.00. Bus transportation between Memorial Stadium and the 17th & R Garage is provided at the bus lobby located on northwest corner of the garage. Golf cart transportation between Memorial Stadium and the 14th & Avery Garage is provided at the bus lobby located on the southeast corner of the garage.

Accessible Parking Areas

  1. 17th & R Streets Garage (Bus Transportation Provided)
  2. 14th & R Street (14 spaces)
  3. 14th & Avery Garage (Cart Transportation Provided)
  4. 14th & Avery surface lot (10 spaces)
  5. 14th & U Streets east of Morrill Hall
  6. 14th & W north of Mabel Lee Hall
  7. 12th & U Streets Memorial Mall (10 Spaces)

Additional accessible parking is available at no cost in the hooded meters located on the east side of 14th Street north of Vine Street.

Public Parking - Map

Public game day parking is available in several University parking facilities located east of 14th Street and is in walking distance of Memorial Stadium. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides game day parking for $15.00. Public parking areas are available for use beginning 6:00 hours prior to kick off.

Athletic Donor Parking

The Athletic Department purchases and operates the parking facilities located around the Memorial Stadium to accommodate donor parking; see list below. All donor parking areas are available on game day only, beginning 6 hours prior to kickoff. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln prohibits overnight parking in all donor and cashiered parking facilities. Nebraska state law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property or in its parking areas. Also, the state fire code prohibits the use of any open flames within a building including the Stadium Drive Parking Garage, the 14th & Avery and the 17th & R Streets Parking Garage.

Athletic Donor Parking Areas

  • 10th & T Street
  • 11th & Q Streets
  • 10th & T Streets
  • Stadium Drive & T Streets (Media)
  • 14th & Avery 12th & Salt Creek Roadway
  • Stadium Drive & T Streets
  • 8th & T Street
  • North Stadium 11th & Salt Creek Roadway
  • 14th & Avery Garage
  • 14th - 16th & W Streets
  • Memorial Mall 14th & Vine Streets,
  • 10th & Q Streets, (14) 11th & Q Streets
  • 9th & Q Streets
  • 10th & Q Streets
  • 8th & T Streets
  • Sun Valley Blvd. & Line Drive
  • Sun Valley Blvd. & Line Drive

Working Faculty Staff Parking

Faculty and staff permit holders that need to work, on campus or teach a class on home football game days, may park in the Area A parking lot at 16th & X (Boathouse) north of Nebraska Hall and the Area A parking lot at 1700 Y Street. Student permit holders who are working on campus or studying on game day will be admitted to Area A north of Nebraska Hall or Area A at 1700 Y Street until two hours prior to game time. Emeriti and retirees must pay to park on game day.

UNL Parking Permit Holder Parking

Game day parking for UNL parking permit holders is located in the following parking lots Area A 16th & X Street, Area A at 1700 Y Street, Area A at 1901 Y Stree Perimeter at 16th & Court Street and the parking lots around the Devaney Sports Center.

Charter Bus Parking

Charter bus parking is located on the south side of W Street between 14th & 16th Streets.


Nebraska State Statute (Chapter 53-186) prohibits the consumption of alcohol on state property. It shall be unlawful for any person to consume alcoholic liquor upon property owned or controlled by the state or any governmental subdivision thereof unless authorized by the governing bodies having jurisdiction over such property.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) parking is prohibited on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus parking lots unless by membership of the Athletic Department Donor Club.

The State fire code prohibits the use of any open flames within buildings including the Stadium Drive, the 14th & Avery and the 17th & R Streets Parking Garages.