Additional Permit Information

A UNL Parking and Transit Services issued parking permit allows you to legally park a vehicle in UNL controlled lots and may not be re-sold. This site provides additional parking permit information such as vehicle registration, proper permit display, how to use your garage hang tags, and also how to replace or change a permit.

Husker Safe Walk

The UNL Police Department offers a courtesy Husker Safe Walk program where a Community Service Officer is dispatched, upon availability, to accompany you to your vehicle or while you await the arrival of your transportation at night. There maybe an up to 15-minutes response time. Visit the link for more information.

Please be Aware

This service is provided as a courtesy service and is not meant for ongoing occurrences.

Vehicle Registration

In order to legally park a vehicle in UNL controlled lots, all faculty, staff and students must register that vehicle with UNL Parking and Transit Services and have a valid UNL Parking Permit. Vehicle registration is part of the permit purchase process. If you need to register your vehicle to park on campus without purchasing a permit, please see the short-term options section.

Vehicle Registration Changes

If you change your vehicle details (vehicle, license plates, name, or address), report these changes within 30 calendar days. Submit changes online, phone (402-472-1800), or by email.

Address Changes

In the event of a change in residence or mailing address, the new information must be submitted to UNL MyRed for students and to Firefly for faculty and staff.



The refund for a permit purchased on or before the first day of fall semester will be made on this schedule:

Fall Semester

Week 1-2: 100% of the original fee

Week 3: 75% of the original fee

Week 4 through the end of the semester: 50% of the original fee

Spring Semester

Week 1-2: 50% of the original fee

Week 3: 25% of the original fee

Week 4 through the end of the semester: No refund

Permits purchased during the semester

A permit purchased after the second week of classes and returned within a two-week period will be charged for two weeks, with the balance refunded. After the two-week period, the permit return value follows the regular return schedule.

  • To cancel a permit and receive a refund, mail or return the actual permit to: Parking and Transit Services, 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68588-0161.
  • If original payment was made with a consolidated student bill, a credit will be posted back to the student consolidated bill. If payment was made via cash or credit/debit card, a check for the refund amount will be mailed within 6 weeks, or a refund may be issued to the credit card that was used for the purchase.
  • If permit is cancelled before the consolidated bill is in the system, there will not be a second permit billing entry.

Faculty and Staff

Cancel your parking permit by returning the actual permit to UNL Parking and Transit Services. If you no longer need to park on campus, return the permit for credit or to cancel payment obligations. Faculty and staff must return any bus pass issued with the permit.

  • To cancel a permit and receive a refund, mail the actual permit to: Parking and Transit Services, 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68588-0161.
  • Refund amount for a fully paid permit equals the cost of the permit, minus the monthly fees since purchase and any unpaid citations
  • A check for the refund amount will be mailed within 6 weeks
  • To stop a payroll deduction, return the issued permit to the Parking and Transit Services office. The unpaid balance will represent your refund.

University Parking and Transit Services reserves the right to change or temporarily suspend existing policies due to unforeseen situations or events.

Permit Display

The UNL parking permit should be displayed on the windshield of your vehicle and will provide access to designated parking areas across the UNL campus.

Sticker Permit Display Guideline

The permit is designed to be removed and re-applied in another vehicle that is registered to your permit.

  • Permit must be easily visible from the outside.
  • Remove the protective cover and apply the sticker permit to the lower driver’s side windshield on the INTERIOR of the window glass. The permit may not be altered, applied to other material, or taped into place.
  • This permit is in effect only for the dates that appear on the sticker

Garage Hang Tags

Garage Permits are valid only in their assigned garages. These areas are video monitored. To avoid citations, permits are required at all times. Non-permit users must provide payment when gates are in operation 6:00 am – 11:30 pm.

Garage permit hang tags contains RFID which uses radio frequency signals to communicate with gate readers so please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth entry and exit from these parking garages.

  • Display your permit from the rear view mirror without any obstructions. This allows gate readers to scan and receive the radio frequency with ease. Some vehicle designs make it difficult for a clear RFID signal transmission. If you have difficulty with gate access, place the hang tag flat against the windshield surface so the permit can be scanned easily.
  • Remove any expired garage parking permits. They can interfere with scanning the valid permit
  • If you have difficulty entering or exiting the parking garage, press the CALL intercom button once. UNL Parking and Transit Services monitors calls between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and may be able to provide remote assistance.

Please be Aware

Each garage permit allows only one vehicle to enter and exit the assigned facility. When the gate scanner reads your tag and grants you entry, it is registered in our system. The next time the gate reader reads your tag, it expects the permit to be used at the exit gates. The same is true if you are exiting then re-entering the garage. Do not use your permit on another vehicle having difficulty entering or exiting the garage. Otherwise you will have difficulty entering or exiting the garage yourself. A citation will be issued for permit misuse.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Permit

If your permit is lost or stolen, you must report the loss to Parking and Transit Services. A free temporary permit will be issued for two weeks. If the permit is not located within those two weeks, you may purchase a new permit for $30.00. If the original permit is recovered, the replacement fee will be refunded.

Please be Aware

The use of any unauthorized, stolen, counterfeit, altered, or reproduced permit or facsimile will result in confiscation of the permit, revocation of parking privileges for the one calendar year, a fine of $200.00, and a report filed with the UNL Judicial Affairs Office.