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Parking and Transit Services develops and manages all parking, bus and individual transit regulations and implementation for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. We aim to provide these services in a safe and reliable manner using fees and safe enforcement through the university community. That is our mission.

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Our Charge

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, through the Board of Regents and its administrative officers, is empowered by the State law (Section 85-106) to establish parking and traffic regulations and to invoke penalties for violating such regulations.

Pursuant to authority granted by the State of Nebraska and assignment of responsibilities by the Board of Regents, it is the duty of UNL Parking and Transit Services and the UNL Police to enforce the official UNL Parking and Transit Services Regulations.

These regulations are deemed necessary to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business. Parking on the campuses of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or on properties owned, leased, or contracted for University use by the Board of Regents is not a right, it is a privilege, available only as provided by the official UNL Parking and Transit Services Regulations.

As part of the regulations, all University of Nebraska-Lincoln parking facilities, except metered areas and time-controlled zones, require a valid University of Nebraska parking permit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, faculty, staff or students parking a vehicle on UNL-controlled property must register that vehicle with Parking and Transit Services.