Parking Use Agreement & Regulations

Please read and follow the rules included in this Parking Use Agreement. These rules are designed to provide safety, control administrative costs and bring operational efficiency, which helps keep your parking fees low while giving you high levels of service and convenience. All permit holders are responsible for reading and understanding all rules and regulations contained within this website.

Permit Authority

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, through the Board of Regents and its administrative officers, is empowered by the State law (Section 85-106) to establish parking and traffic regulations and to invoke penalties for violating such regulations. Pursuant to authority granted by the State of Nebraska and assignment of responsibilities by the Board of Regents, it is the duty of UNL Parking & Transit Services and the UNL Police to enforce the official UNL Parking and Transit Services Regulations.

Parking Permit


UNL issued parking permit is required and properly displayed at all times to park in UNL parking facilities except metered areas and time-controlled zones

Operating Hours

All University of Nebraska-Lincoln parking facilities, except metered areas and time-controlled zones, require a valid University of Nebraska parking permit, at all times. Parking permits are valid only in the area assigned during regular university operating hours. Student holidays do not always correspond to faculty and staff university operating hours. The Student and Faculty/Staff Parking Options pages list the service regulations for times when the permit is valid in other areas.

Valid Permits

Parking facilities and permits (license plate, hang tags or stickers) are controlled by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and are issued by UNL Parking and Transit Services to a specific individual or department. Ownership is not transferable and may not be sold, exchanged, given away to any person or department other than UNL Parking and Transit Services. By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with and abide by the rules and regulations. Parking permits may not be duplicated, reproduced or altered in any way.

Reciprocal Permits

Parking permits from UNK, UNO, and UNMC may be used on the UNL Campus for academic and business related activities; all other uses are prohibited unless authorized by Parking and Transit Services. However, any University of Nebraska faculty, staff and students who are primarily assigned to the UNL campus must purchase a permit from UNL's Parking and Transit Services office and may not use permits from other campuses.

Nebraska Innovation Campus parking permits can be purchased by faculty and staff whose primary work assignments are on that campus.  These permits are honored on City and East Campuses for occasional usage.  Other faculty and staff must purchase UNL parking permits, which are honored at NIC.  Students, including those with classes or work assignments at NIC, must purchase and display appropriate UNL parking permits. The student parking permits are also honored at NIC.

Permit Display

All parked vehicles shall display a valid UNL permit (license plate, decal, hangtag). Vehicles parked without a valid permit may be issued a citation and may be impounded at the owner's expense. All permitted vehicles shall display a license plate visible to the patrol vehicle from the drive aisle.

  • Permit decals must be properly displayed affixed to the lower driver's side windshield on the interior of window glass so entire permit is visible from outside the vehicle.
  • Permit hangtags must be hung from the rearview mirror with the permit information displayed visible from outside the vehicle.
  • Virtual, decal and garage permits - A license plates must be visible to the patrol vehicle from the drive aisle.

Vehicle Registration


All faculty, staff, and students must register their vehicles regardless of where they park on campus

All faculty/staff and students parking a vehicle on UNL-controlled property are required to register that vehicle with UNL Parking and Transit Services and have a valid University of Nebraska parking permit if parking in a permit lot. Vehicle registration is part of the permit purchase process, however, if additional vehicles are brought to campus under the same permit, they must also be registered.

Permits are not required at meters and time-controlled zones; however, the vehicle still needs to be registered at Parking and Transit Services. The Online Parking Services site allows you to register your vehicle without a permit purchase.

If you change your vehicle details (vehicle, license plates, name, or address), report these changes within 30 calendar days. Submit changes online, phone (402-472-1800), or by email. In the event of a change in residence or mailing address, the new information must be submitted to UNL MyRed for students and to Firefly for faculty and staff.



Permit registrant is responsible for learning and following rules and regulations associated with parking at UNL parking facilities.

Citations should be paid in a timely manner to avoid further penalties.

The permit applicant assumes all responsibility for citations issued to the permit regardless of vehicles or users. Permits are for the exclusive use of the registrant. Transcripts, diploma, registration, and/or vehicle permit renewal may be held for nonpayment of penalties. The Violations and Penalties page lists parking guidelines, all violations and the established penalty amount.

Parking is prohibited in the following areas and manner:

  • Posted "No Parking" zones.
  • Any controlled lots without the appropriate permit
  • Any designated handicapped area without a handicap permit.
  • Pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Construction sites and lots.
  • Barricaded or closed lots and streets.
  • Any other area not specifically marked as a parking space.
  • Taking two stalls. Vehicle must be parked within the boundaries of a parking stall as indicated by painted lines or in front of a port-a-curb.
  • Backing into any metered stall or appearing to have backed into the stall.
  • Facing the direction of oncoming traffic in parallel stalls (exception would be handicapped stalls).
  • Camping or living in a motor vehicle on UNL property.
  • Parking at a broken meter or meter that reads fail unless using the pay by phone option.

Vehicle Failure and Repair

If a vehicle that is registered and displays a parking permit is off campus for mechanical repair, and the parking permit remains with the vehicle, the permit holder may request a temporary permit for another vehicle. The request for a temporary permit must be made to Parking and Transit Services at 402-472-1800. Verification of original permit purchase is required. There is no additional charge for this temporary repair-based permit, which may be issued for up to one week.

Vehicles that are not operational and are parked on campus are subject to Towing/Immobilization Impoundment.

Lost or Stolen Permits


If you lost your permit, please take immediate action and contact Parking and Transit Services.

If your permit is lost or stolen, you are required to report it in person to UNL Parking and Transit Services during office hours. At that time a free temporary permit will be issued for two weeks. If the permit is not located within those two weeks, you may purchase a replacement permit for $30.00 or the price of the current permit, whichever is less. If the original permit is recovered and returned to Parking and Transit Services, the replacement fee will be refunded.

Please be Aware

The use of any unauthorized, stolen, counterfeit, altered, or reproduced permit or facsimile will result in confiscation of the permit, revocation of parking privileges for the one calendar year, a fine of $200.00, and a report filed with the UNL Judicial Affairs Office.

Permit Returns and Refunds


The refund for a permit purchased on or before the first day of fall semester will be made on this schedule:

Fall Semester

Week 1-2: 100% of the original fee

Week 3: 75% of the original fee

Week 4 through the end of the semester: 50% of the original fee

A permit purchased during the 1st through 3rd weeks will follow the above schedule; if you purchase a permit after week 4, you will receive the value of the second semester.

Spring Semester

Week 1-2: 50% of the original fee

Week 3: 25% of the original fee

Week 4 through the end of the semester: No refund

  • To cancel a permit and receive a refund, mail the actual permit (if provided) to: Parking and Transit Services, 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68588-0161.
  • If original payment was made with a consolidated student bill, a credit will be posted back to the student consolidated bill. If payment was made via cash or credit/debit card, a check for the refund amount will be mailed within 6 weeks, or a refund may be issued to the credit card that was used for the purchase.
  • If permit is cancelled before the consolidated bill is in the system, there will not be a second permit billing entry.

Faculty and Staff

Cancel your parking permit by returning the actual permit (if provided) to UNL Parking and Transit Services. If you no longer need to park on campus, return the permit for credit or to cancel payment obligations. Faculty and staff must return any bus pass issued with the permit.

  • To cancel a permit and receive a refund, mail the actual permit (if provided) to: Parking and Transit Services, 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68588-0161.
  • Refund amount for a fully paid permit equals the cost of the permit, minus the monthly fees since purchase and any unpaid citations
  • A check for the refund amount will be mailed within 6 weeks
  • To stop a payroll deduction, return the issued permit to the Parking and Transit Services office. The unpaid balance will represent your refund.

University Parking and Transit Services reserves the right to change or temporarily suspend existing policies due to unforeseen situations or events.

Park at Your Own Risk

Individuals park at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) at their own risk. Please lock your vehicle. UNL shall not be liable for any risk, or loss of, or damage to, property of individuals, including vehicles or the contents therein, which may result from the use of parking services or facilities.


I certify that I have read the above and understand my responsibility to comply with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Parking and Transit Services Rules and Regulations. I understand that failure to do so may result in the issuance of citations, forfeiture of my parking privileges, and/or impoundment of my vehicle(s). THE FINE FOR FALSIFYING A VEHICLE REGISTRATION/APPLICATION IS $100.

Department and State Vehicles

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Departments and affiliated government departments may park a state or government vehicle, leased or owned in non-reserved parking lots, Area A or C and may park the vehicle temporarily in Service and Delivery spaces. State and government vehicles may not park in reserved parking areas unless authorized by the Parking and Transit Services Department.