The financial reporting and performance of Parking and Transit Services is available for public review. This information provides a complete overview of the operations and components of the self-funded area.  Parking and Transit Services incorporates a full spectrum of sustainable initiatives into daily operations.

Sustainability highlights operations of Parking and Transit Services

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides a diverse range of transportation options which allow students, faculty and visitors to make economically and environmentally friendly commuting choices. Parking and Transit Services incorporates a full spectrum of sustainable initiatives into daily operations.

Public Transportation
Parking and Transit Services provides and supports a public transportation system that connects campuses and the city.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln contracts with the City of Lincoln StarTran system to operate bus routes Monday through Friday when classes are in session approximately 10-minute intervals reducing the need to drive between campuses. With nearly 9,00 users serving approximately 800.000 trips system wide, the  system of bus routes connecting the UNL campuses is designed to ensure timely, cost effective, and simple access to classes or meetings across the university community. As part of the contract, all bus riders have access to the StarTran service throughout the city.  Parking and Transit Services also provides van service to connect East Campus and Nebraska Innovation Campus when classes are in session. At this time, no pass or fee is required to ride the bus or van.

On-call van service provides evening rides

University students can take advantage of an evening on-call van transportation service at no cost. The service provides rides between designated campus bus stops after the end of daily bus route schedules. The service is available weekdays in perimeter permit areas beginning at 6 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at designated campus bus stops.

 Bus and Van services are detailed at

Electric vehicle charging and operation
Charging stations for electric vehicles are available on campus

Parking and Transit Services provides access to electric vehicle charging stations on campus.
On City Campus, four charging stations are located on 14th Street in parking spots west of Howard L. Hawks Hall. On East Campus, two charging stations are available north of the Union.
The charging stations are powered by EV Connect. The EV Connect app lets drivers find electric vehicle charging stations based on location, station ID, availability, power level provided, and accessibility.
Campus stations are available 24 hours a day for use by the campus community and general public.

 Since November 2020, UNL has had 500 charging sessions:

  • Saving 488 gallons of gasoline,
  • Provided 20,300 electric miles,
  • Reduced 4,341 Kilograms greenhouse gas emissions
  • 4.87 Carbon Offset Credits
  • Equivalent to 121 trees CO2 scrubbers
Electric cars are used for staff operations

Parking and Transit Services has replaced two traditional fuel powered vehicles with Chevrolet Bolt electric powered vehicles and we will replace another two vehicles in our fleet this year. Currently, two electric vehicles are available for on-campus work by department employees.

Lighting in garages and surface lots

Parking and Transit Services has continually updated lighting tools and technology in campus parking lots and garages. With the installation of LED lighting, energy savings are produced and utility costs are lowered. A complete conversion to LED lighting has been completed in the 17th and R and 19th and Vine Garages. Induction lighting provides lower energy usage for the 14th and Avery and 18th and R Garages.

 Evaluations and planning for lighting conversions are in process for the Stadium Garage and surface lots across all campuses.

Waste water management

Demonstrating a continuing commitment to using appropriate design, materials and construction, Parking and Transit Services has implemented effective storm water management techniques.

In the 14th and Avery and 19th and Vine Garages, structure design provides rainwater drainage from the top decks to underground storage areas. The excess water and debris are processed and debris does not enter the city’s runoff systems.

The 18th and Vine Garage also features design elements that drain water to the east side of the facility to provide water for adjacent landscape plants.

Carpool Parking Permit

Parking and Transit Services encourages ride-sharing by offering a Carpool Parking Program Permit. It allows faculty and staff to share rides to campus, reduce resource usage, and share reduced costs for the parking permit. Permits are detailed at



Department Year-to-Year Budget

Parking and Transit Services is primarily a self-funded University department. All funds needed to operate the parking system are generated through the sale of parking permits, the citations issued, special event parking, etc. Parking and Transit Services does receive money from the student University Program and Facilities Fee to help fund 51% of the UNL Transit System expenses. All parking funds are used to acquire, maintain, and improve the parking and transit accommodations at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Revenue Breakdown

Service TypeAmount ($)
Permits 7,423,904
Citations 620,620
Special Events 1,477,322
Meter 345,935
Garage HOURLY PARKING 288,124
Misc. (SALE PROPERTY, Rent) 171,296
UPFF 1,273,837
Total 11,601,039
Service TypeAmount ($)
Permits 7,331,287
Citations 517,614
Special Events 1,452,545
Meter 393,543
Garage HOURLY PARKING 295,311
Misc. (SALE PROPERTy, Rent) 126,513
UPFF 1,254,131
Total 11,370,945

Operating Budget

Operational ExpensesTotal
Personnel 1,186,491
Operating 1,529,387
Contracted Services (StarTran) 2,962,889
Utilities 221,208
Operating Supplies (Fuel) 6,737
Vehicle Rentals 33,384
TRAVEL 3,775
Bond Payment  4,993,673
Total Expenses 10,942,739
Operational ExpensesTotal
Personnel 1,185,672
Operating 1,688,297
Contracted Services (StarTran) 2,908,623
Utilities 222,035
Operating Supplies (Fuel) 9,744
Vehicle Rentals 40,599
Miscellanous 1,851
Bond Payment  5,162,531
Total Expenses 11,219,829

Parking Permit Inventory Summary

Permits IssuedCity CampusEast CampusTotal
Faculty Staff Non-Reserved 1878 1208 3086
Faculty Staff Reserved 212 10 222
Faculty/Staff/Student Non-Reserved (A/C) 109 925 1034
Faculty/Staff/Student Reserved (F3/C1) 270 0 270
Commuter Non-Reserved 1080 607 1687
Resident Non-Reserved 1129 306 1435
Perimeter 1032 190 1222
r/c non reserved 0 41 41
Faculty Staff Student reserved Garage 5961 5961
Cashiered Metered & Time Controlled 493 140 633
handicap 371 93 464
Visitor, Guest & Patient Parking 128 203 331
Service & Delivery 90 36 126
Departmental/State Vehicle 310 103 413
Car Parking Lot Total 13,181 3,862 17,043
Motorcycle Parking 0 80 80
Permits IssuedCity CampusEast CampusTotal
Faculty Staff Non-Reserved 1973 1206 3179
Faculty Staff Reserved 219 10 229
Faculty/Staff/Student Non-Reserved (A/C) 108 788 896
Faculty/Staff/Student Reserved (F3/C1) 284 0 284
Commuter Non-Reserved 1082 607 1689
Resident Non-Reserved 1121 306 1427
Perimeter 944 190 1134
r/c non reserved 0 41 41
Faculty Staff Student reserved garage 5961 0 5961
Cashiered Metered & Time Controlled 504 141 645
handicap 382 98 480
Visitor, Guest & Patient Parking 124 205 329
Service & Delivery 92 35 127
Departmental/State Vehicle 328 106 434
Car Parking Lot Total 13,240 3,733 16,973
Motorcycle Parking 159 75 234

Citations Issued

ViolationsCountVoided/ Warning
Overtime 596 44
Expired Meter 9998 724
No Valid Permit Displayed 17,164 9,533
Improper Display of Permit 170 154
Registered Vehicle in Visitor Area 24 7
Parking Unauthorzed Area 7,893 3143
No Parking Area 615 128
No Parking Area: Fail, Dead, OOO 116 20
Improper Parking 345 111
Parking in Fire Lane 17 4
Failure to Register Vehicle to Permit 417 242
Failure to Register Vehicle 86 38
Falsify Permit Application 2 1
Displaying Counterfeit Permit 4 0
Displaying Stolen Permit 2 0
Displaying Altered Permit 2 1
Park in Handicap Stall 1st Off. 83 26
Park in Handicap Stall 2nd Off. 3 0
Park in Handicap Stall 3rd Off. 0 0
False Lost / Stolen Permit Rpt 1 0
Tamper / Remove Immob. Device 0 0
Failure to Pay on Exit 111 12
Misuse of Permit 69 13
Illegal Entry / Exit 58 17
Damage Property 24 4
Total 37,800 14,223
Overtime 684 47
Expired Meter 10,028 654
No Valid Permit Displayed 14,520 8,730
Improper Display of Permit 149 135
Registered Vehicle in Visitor Area 5 2
Parking Unauthorzed Area 7,522 3,454
No Parking Area 582 136
No Parking Area: Fail, Dead, OOO 91 19
Improper Parking 24 102
Parking in Fire Lane 14 3
Failure to Register Vehicle to Permit 203 111
Failure to Register Vehicle 121 50
Falsify Permit Application 1 1
Displaying Counterfeit Permit 4 1
Displaying Stolen Permit 1 1
Displaying Altered Permit 4 3
Park in Handicap Stall 1st Off. 71 18
Park in Handicap Stall 2nd Off. 7 2
Park in Handicap Stall 3rd Off. 1 1
False Lost / Stolen Permit Rpt 1 1
Tamper / Remove Immob. Device 1 1
Failure to Pay on Exit 113 10
Misuse of Permit 71 13
Illegal Entry / Exit 50 8
Damage to Property 33 8
Total 34,756 13,511

Peer Institution Department Expense Comparison Table

A spreadsheet of expenses and permit costs among peer institutions' parking and transit departments is available for comparison and benchmarking purposes. The information found in this document is gathered from publicly available sources and returned surveys.

Parking and Transportation Consultant Studies

In 2009 and 2012, external consultants, Chance Management Advisors, were brought in by the Parking and Transit Services Department to perform an objective Transit System Evaluation and an Operations and Infrastructure Review. The objective of these reviews were to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system in place and identify areas that can boost operational efficiency and effectiveness. The findings are presented below.