UNL offers access to parking permits for special and specific users. These options provide permitted parking for specific vehicles or usages. Get the details on securing and using these permits.

Bicycle Use and Regulations

Bicycle owners should register their bicycles on campus with the UNL Police Department. This will help identify and recover your property in the event of a theft.

Bicyclists are required to use the storage racks on the UNL campus. Bicycles are not to be secured to trees, posts, signs, stairwells, railings, or handicapped ramps. Any bicycles found secured to an object other than racks will be removed and held at the UNL Police Department for 30 days. If unclaimed, it will be sold at public auction.

Bicyclists are encouraged to "walk" their bicycles when there is heavy pedestrian traffic on campus. Care should also be exercised in riding on streets in or near campus. Dirt-biking is prohibited on campus.

Handicapped Permits

UNL parking facilities, except metered areas and time-controlled zones, require a valid UNL issued parking permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To park at a UNL accessible parking spot, a UNL issued handicapped permit is required.

Individuals with physical disabilities may purchase a permit valid for use in an area reserved for the exclusive use of disabled individuals by presenting UNL Parking & Transit Services a current state-issued handicapped permit authorization. Supporting documents such as a copy of the handicap placard receipt can be uploaded online.

Supporting Document Upload Instructions

  1. Either scan or take a picture of the handicap placard receipt. Digital document format can either be JPG or PDF
  2. Log into your online Parking Account
  3. Access the Manage Account page using the blue button in the image banner
  4. Locate the Uploaded Documents section on the page and use the Choose File button to browse for the receipt PDF or image
  5. Once the receipt document has been selected, use the Upload button to upload the document to the servers
  6. Let us know that the supporting document has been uploaded so that we can review it

Reserved Accessible Parking Spaces

Faculty, staff and students who require a reasonable parking accommodation based on a qualified disability are directed to contact the Faculty/Staff Disability Services or the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities to determine an appropriate accommodation.

Medical Accommodations


Women, whose medical condition during pregnancy requires a closer parking space as a matter of accommodation, should contact the Parking and Transit Services Office at 402-472-1800. Request for accommodations is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Motorcycle Parking

All motorcycles parked in university controlled lots must be registered with the Parking and Transit Services Department. Register the motorcycle online

Motorcycles parked in designated motorcycle parking areas, located across the UNL campuses, do not need a permit. Locate available motorcycle parking spots on our Parking Maps page. However, a permit is required if you wish to park in a regular designated vehicle parking lot. There is no motorcycle-designated permit; pick the permit designation for the lot you wish to use. Garage parking is not allowed for motorcycles.

Carpool Program

A Carpool Parking Program is available for UNL faculty and staff. It provides a parking permit with a cost shared among participants. Some program-related information is listed below. For more complete information, refer to the application.

Obtaining a Carpool Permit

Carpool Permit Application Form
Form must be completed, printed, and returned to the Parking and Transit Services office.

  • Eligible carpool groups consist of a minimum of two members
  • All carpool members must provide their personal details in the application form
  • All carpool members must be employed with UNL as regular full time, benefits eligible and live off campus
  • Spouses and cohabitants are excluded
  • Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are excluded from the carpool program
  • The cost of the carpool permit is the price of a regular non-reserve parking permit
  • The cost will be divided by the number of members in the carpool
  • Payment is made through payroll deduction
Carpool Permit Use Policy
  • Only one parking permit is issued per carpool
  • Carpool permits are not interchangeable between carpool groups
  • Only one of the registered vehicles may be parked in the designated space at any time
  • Carpool members are not eligible to purchase any other UNL parking permits
  • The carpool may make a request for a specific non-reserved or reserved faculty staff parking lot; however not all parking lots are available for the carpool.
Changes to the Carpool

The carpool must notify Parking and Transit Services Office of any change to a carpool status. If a carpool member drops out of the carpool, the remaining members have 15 days to recruit another member. If the carpool dissolves, members are required to return the carpool permit and purchase regular permits at the prorated cost.

Please be Aware

Any type of falsification or improper use of a UNL parking permit or persistent violations are grounds for citations, impoundment of vehicle, or revocation of parking privileges.

UNL Permit Holder Reciprocal Parking

Parking permits from UNK, UNO and UNMC may be used on the UNL Campus for academic and business related activities; all other uses are prohibited unless authorized by Parking and Transit Services. University of Nebraska faculty, staff and students who are primarily assigned to UNL must purchase a permit from UNL Parking and Transit Services and may not use permits from other campuses.

UNL parking permits may be used on other University of Nebraska campuses. Be familiar with each campus's reciprocal parking regulations before parking.

UNO Parking

All valid parking permits issued by any of the other University of Nebraska system campuses (UNK, UNL and UNMC) will be honored in select lots on UNO campuses. Assignments and restrictions are outlined at UNO Parking Services. For further enquiries about reciprocal parking at UNO, please contact their Parking Services directly at 402-554-7275. UNO permit holders must request a physical permit from Parking Services and display it in order to park at UNL. This hanger permit indicates the type and effective date of the valid reciprocal permit.

UNK Parking

Reciprocal parking at the UNK campus can be found in their parking policies document on their website. For further enquiries about reciprocal parking at UNK, please contact their Parking Services directly.

UNMC Parking

Parking permits from other University of Nebraska campuses will be honored at UNMC in designated student areas if the parking is not a UNMC employee or UNMC full time student.

Nebraska Innovation Campus

Parking permits from University campuses are valid on the Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) in the Conference Center parking lot located north of Transformation Drive.

Emeriti Faculty Parking

Emeriti faculty will be issued a regular non-reserved parking permit at no charge upon their retirement from UNL.

Permit Use
  • The permit is non-transferable.  It must be used by the individual to whom it is issued.  If the permit is used by a spouse, family member or anyone else the permit will be revoked and the individual will forfeit renewal eligibility.
  • Emeriti faculty may purchase a reserved parking permit at a $20 per month discount from the regular reserved permit cost.  Availability of reserved parking will be based on demand of active faculty or staff members.


Occasional Parking Permit

Occasional Parking Permit packets provide access to ten single parking days, with a date selection capability.

The permit is valid when the current date (one month, one day and one year) is exposed by removing the metallic covering. The daily permits are valid only in designated parking areas, including Area A and Area C. The packet of daily parking permits expires on the last calendar date listed on the permit. Occasional Parking Permits are non-refundable.

These guidelines cover Occasional Permit purchase and use:

  • Purchaser must be a current UNL faculty, staff, or student
  • The Occasional Parking Permit program is valid for individual personal use only
  • Permits are valid only for the registered user and may not be transferred, reissued, or sold to another user
  • Students are limited to three Occasional Parking Permits packets per semester
  • Occasional Parking Permits may not be used on football game days

Packets of Occasional Parking Permits are available online for faculty and staff. The cost is $40.00 for each 10-day packet

Online Printable Temporary Parking Permit

To help meet current needs for flexible parking options, temporary permits are available to purchase online .  These permits are available for the day(s), one week, two weeks, three weeks and one month terms. They are available in Area A, faculty and staff parking lots; Area C, student parking lots; and Area P, perimeter parking lots. Effective dates are set during purchase.  The temporary permit must be printed and placed on the front dashboard of your vehicle. Temporary permits are non-refundable.

                        Area A             Area C             Area P

Day                  $7                    $7

1 Week            $18                  $18                  $9

2 Weeks          $28                  $28                  $13

3 Weeks          $38                  $38                  $18

1 Month           $48                  $45                  $23 

Service and Delivery Permits

Service and delivery parking provides short term access to buildings on campus. They are distributed by assigned departments for specific official UNL business purposes, but may only be used with a valid UNL permit. The assigning department provides the permit and monitors usage. The permit must be returned to the Department Chairperson each day when not in use.


  • On City and East Campuses, Service and Delivery spaces are marked Administrative Service Stalls in designated Area A parking
  • A two-hour time limit is enforced
  • Service and Delivery spaces are reserved for official business use between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. During these hours, vehicles need to display a Service and Delivery Parking Permit along with one of the following faculty/staff or student parking permit types:
    • non-reserved
    • reserved
    • garage permit
    • perimeter permit (only from 3 p.m. - 7.30p.m.)
  • After 7:30 p.m. a vehicle with any valid campus parking permit may park in the Service and Delivery spaces.

Please be Aware

These permits are strictly for business purposes. Parking and Transit Services will confiscate the permit if it is misused and the issuing department will forfeit permit privileges .

Vendor/Contractor Permits

Vehicles parked on campus by vendor/contractors doing business with the University must display a Vendor/Contractor Permit. This permit type can be purchased in the office at 625 Stadium Drive, Suite A. If you have questions, call Parking and Transit Services at 402-472-1800.

PermitAnnualNine MonthMONTHLYWEEKLYDaily
Vendor $636.00 $477.00 $53.00 $19.00 $8.00

Please be Aware

These permits are strictly for business purposes. Misuse of this permit will result in confiscation of the permit and forfeiture of parking privileges.