Parking Advisory Committee

The committee's purpose is to review and provide recommendations on current Parking and Transit Services projects. The group also welcomes suggestions for improving the UNL parking and transit system. If you have a recommendation, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Parking Advisory Committee Members

The Parking Advisory Committee membership includes representatives from the faculty (Faculty Senate), staff (UNOPA, UAAD), and student bodies (ASUN, RHA).

Chair Bradley Barker Faculty Senate
Vice Chair Ayat Aribi ASUN- Off Campus
Voting Member Jeyam Subbiah Faculty Senate
Voting Member Rich Leiter Faculty Senate
Voting Member Dan Shattil UAAD
Voting Member John Jensen Chancellor's Appointee
Voting Member Logan Groesser RHA - On Campus
Voting Member Eric Rodene Graduate College
Voting Member - Service for Students with Disabilities
Voting Member Kathryn Schindler UNOPA
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