Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee reviews and provides recommendations on current Parking and Transit Services projects. The group also welcomes suggestions for improving the UNL parking and transit system. If you have a recommendation, complete and submit the Suggestions Form at the bottom of this page.

Parking Advisory Committee Members

The Parking Advisory Committee membership includes representatives from the faculty (Faculty Senate), staff (UNOPA, UAAD), and student bodies (ASUN, RHA).

The Parking Advisory Committee consists of those members selected for participation as follows: three student members appointed by ASUN; one Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies in consultation with the Graduate Student Association; three faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate; three non-faculty employees, one appointed by the President of the University Association for Administrative Development, one appointed by the President of the University of Nebraska Office Personnel Association, and one appointed by the Chancellor.

City and East Campuses must be represented among student and faculty appointees. Terms of office shall be two years for students and three years for faculty members and non-faculty members.

The Parking Advisory Committee shall review all policies and regulations for UNL parking facilities and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance and to the Chancellor.

The Committee shall:

a) conduct an annual review of parking and traffic rules and regulations including parking permit fees and refunds;

b) review proposed changes in parking policies, regulations, and parking lot classifications;

c) review and recommend Capital Improvement Projects;

d) review the parking operating budget and monthly operating reports;

e) act in an advisory capacity to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance;

f) serve as a public forum;

g) inform the University community on parking matters; and

h) review appeal decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee

Voting Member Dennis McHargue Faculty Senate
Voting Member Richard Leiter Faculty Senate
Voting Member Mary Zeleny Faculty Senate
Voting Member Shivani Mudhelli ASUN, Off Campus
Voting Member Madison Hurst RHA
Voting Member TBD SDO
Voting Member Timothy Alo Graduate College
Voting Member Larry Shippen Chancellor's Appointee
Voting Member Jodie Barnes UNOPA
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